Who We Are

C-Suite Executive UK is a brand under the umbrella of The C-Suite Executive Group. 

C-Suite Executive UK is a leading multimedia platform for C-level executives across the United Kingdom. Through our online, print, audio and video platforms we provide unparalleled insight to thousands of Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and other Director/C-suite individuals.

C-Suite Executive UK allows business leaders to easily access the most current news. In their office, at home or on the move they have access to our online news channel, weekly e-newsletters, fortnightly e-papers or our bi-monthly magazine which is available in both print and digital formats. 

UK business, cyber security, finance, technology and lifestyle are the major news areas we cover. You will expect to find breaking news, exclusive interviews and informative content around these topics.

For more information please email info@c-suiteexec.co.uk.